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Table 3 Benefits and barriers of four different piloted disposal systems by girls of pilot schools in Dhaka and Manikganj, April–June, 2017

From: Piloting an acceptable and feasible menstrual hygiene products disposal system in urban and rural schools in Bangladesh

Perceived benefits and barriers Frequency of Response
N = 139
Relevant quotations
 • Toilet facilities are cleaner after installing disposal systems. 90 “Yes, It’s good for everyone. Toilets are cleaner than before. We don’t have to throw it anywhere else”. (12 years, grade VIII, rural school)
 • Girls do not leave school to change their menstrual products. 60 It is far better. Because, earlier, there were basket[s] and when the boys noticed us throwing used pads, we would feel ashamed. Now the bins are covered. It is good, it is easy to dump pads”. (15 years, grade X, chute disposal user, urban school)
 • Disposal systems easy to use 35
 • Girls are comfortable to manage their menstruation at school 30 “Earlier we used to leave school and go home to change our pads when it is overflowing, now we change it in school.” (13 years, grade VIII, rural school)
 • Disposal took less time- girls do not need to find any place to secretly dispose their products 65 Unlike traditional waste baskets, it is easy to use. There is no difficulty in using it, [it’s] easy to use and the process is good. It is not even disgusting”. (11 years, grade VI, urban school, swing top bin user)
 • Disposed materials are not visible from outside, which is comforting to girls as well as janitors. 16
 • Toilets are not clean enough to visit 45 I do not go to [the] toilet because of bad odor. So, I am not sure what kinds of disposal bins are located there”. (15 years, grade X, urban school)
 • Pedal bin, swing top bin and bucket with lid requires regular cleaning 25 The inlet from the chute disposal system was too high. Short girls may face problem disposing in the pipe”. (12 years, grade VII, urban school)
There was a pad stuck in the mouth of the bin. The students do not know how to resolve the problem. I do not know either”. (14 years, grade IX, urban school, chute disposal user)
 • Inappropriate location of the disposal system 12
 • Quick filling of swing top bin, pedal bin and bucket with lid 11
 • Improper disposal of sanitary pads into the bin- some girls did not wrap the pads before throwing. 3 “Girls did not dispose [waste] properly; they did not wrap the pads, so the pads got stacked [up] in [the] opening of the pipe”. (Janitor, urban school)