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Table 2 Public health and economic impact of the QIV strategy compared to TIV

From: Impact of quadrivalent influenza vaccines in Brazil: a cost-effectiveness analysis using an influenza transmission model

  QIV strategy vs TIV strategy
Incremental costs (R$)
 Public payer direct costs 193,738,203
 Public payer direct costs (discounted) 168,840,170
 Direct costs (public & private) + societal costs 90,041,085
 Direct costs (public & private) + societal costs (discounted) 86,320,015
Incremental health outcomes
 Life year saved 7762
 Life year saved (discounted) 3398
 QALY saved 10,484
 QALY saved (discounted) 6301
ICER (R$ per LY gained. Ref: current strategy)
 Public payer perspective 24,960
 Public payer perspective (discounted) 49,692
 Societal perspective 11,600
 Societal perspective (discounted) 25,405
ICER (R$ per QALY gained, ref: current strategy)
 Public payer perspective 18,480
 Public payer perspective (discounted) 26,798
 Societal perspective 8589
 Societal perspective (discounted) 13,700
  1. ICER Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio, QALY Quality-adjusted life-year