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Table 5 Practices related to COVID-19 among undergraduates

From: A cross-sectional survey of knowledge, attitude and practice associated with COVID-19 among undergraduate students in China

Variable categories Options Determination/ score N (%)
P1: What would you do if you had fever and dry cough? • I will analyze the situation rationally. Stay home for observation and self-quarantine or go to a hospital for a treatment. Proactive/2 817 (93.7)
• I want to go to a hospital, but I’m afraid to be infected. Neutral /1 39 (4.5)
• I feel panic and don’t know what to do. Passive/0 16 (1.8)
P2: If the country needs you, are you willing to help the frontline rescue? • Yes, every citizen shall bear the country’s burden. Proactive/2 812 (93.1)
• I’m not sure and need suggestions from the family. Neutral /1 45 (5.1)
• No, it’s too dangerous. Passive/0 15 (1.7)
P3: What would you do if you had close contact with confirmed cases? • Proactively report to the community and stay home in quarantine as required. Proactive/2 852 (97.7)
• Same as before. Neutral /1 3 (0.3)
• I feel panic and don’t know what to do. Passive/0 17 (2.0)
P4: What would you do if someone cured from COVID-19 wanted to meet you? • I will meet them and show more kindness. Proactive/2 697 (79.9)
• I will meet them just like before. Neutral /1 40 (4.6)
• I’ll find an excuse to keep away from them. Passive/0 135 (15.5)
P5: What will be your top priority when the pandemic ends? • I will go back to school and restart normal study. Proactive/2 656 (75.2)
• Same as before. Neutral /1 3(0.3)
• The outbreak is too scary. I need to enjoy my life as much as possible. Passive/0 213(24.4)