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Table 3 Attitude toward COVID-19 among undergraduates

From: A cross-sectional survey of knowledge, attitude and practice associated with COVID-19 among undergraduate students in China

Variable categories Options Determination/ score N (%)
A1. Are you scared by human-to-human transmission of COVID-19? • No, I’m rational and I can protect myself. Positive/2 812 (93.1)
• I don’t care; I feel the same. Neutral/1 32 (3.7)
• Yes, I’m panic and don’t know what to do. Negative/0 28 (3.2)
A2. Do you hope the outbreak to stop quickly so you can return to school soon? • Yes. Positive/2 673 (77.2)
• I don’t care. Neutral/1 147 (16.9)
• No, I want to stay at home as long as possible. Negative/0 52 (5.9)
A3. What’s your attitude towards wild animal consumption? • I don’t eat wild animals, and I will accuse consumers. Positive/2 689 (79.0)
• I don’t eat personally, but I won’t stop others. Neutral/1 155 (17.8)
• I don’t mind having a try. Negative/0 28 (3.2)
A4. Do you think you will be more capable to endure such public health emergence? • Yes, I’m more educated and thus more capable. Positive/2 740 (84.9)
• I will be the same. Neutral/1 111 (12.7)
• No, I’m too scared to withstand it anymore. Negative/0 21 (2.4)
A5. Do you think this outbreak has impacted your study? • Yes, it has. Negative/0 568 (65.1)
• No. I’m self-disciplined and my study was not affected at home. Positive/2 304 (34.9)