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Table 3 Attitude towards risky sexual behavior among Metu secondary and preparatory school adolescent students; Metu town, south western Ethiopia; June, 2019

From: Knowledge, attitude and practice towards risky sexual behaviors among secondary and preparatory students of Metu town, south western Ethiopia

S/no Statement Agree Disagree
1 It is possible for girls to remain virgin until marriage 166(46.0%) 195(54%)
2 Boys put girls under pressure to have sex 186(51.5%) 175(48.5%)
3 Condoms are not good for adolescents because it encourage them to have sex 153(42.4%) 208(57.6%)
4 Condoms reduce sexual pleasure 197(54.6%) 164(45.4%)
5 It is possible to talk with parents about sex 215(59.6%) 146(40.4%)
6 Girls don’t use condom because they trust their partners. 165(45.7%) 196(54.3%)
7 Substance abuse like khat, cigarette, alcohol, hashish can expose to risky sexual behavior 254(70.4%) 107(29.6%)
8 Peer pressure enforces adolescents to undergo un protected sex. 252(69.8%) 109(30.2%)