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Table 3 Focus group participants’ votes for behaviors that community members would be most willing to practice to prevent Zika

From: A qualitative study of community perspectives surrounding cleaning practices in the context of Zika prevention in El Salvador: implications for community-based Aedes aegypti control

Behavior Total Votes a
Empty/Eliminate containers from around the yard 26
Go to prenatal care visits 26
Clean water storage containers (barrels) 25
Use a mosquito net 25
Pick up garbage around the house 25
Cover water storage containers 17
Clean the washbasin 16
Apply chlorine to the walls of tanks / barrels 13
Community / collective cleaning operations 8
Use larvicide 7
Dispose of tires 5
Use insect repellent on the skin 2
Abstain from sexual relations 2
Use modern family planning methods 1
Use condoms during pregnancy 1
Fumigate 1
Use screens on the windows and doors of the house 0
Wear long sleeves 0
  1. a Three votes per participant; voting data available from 65 of 71 participants, as six participants left early