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Table 2 Frequency of Zika prevention actions elicited from participants a

From: A qualitative study of community perspectives surrounding cleaning practices in the context of Zika prevention in El Salvador: implications for community-based Aedes aegypti control

Action mentioned Frequency
Pick up/eliminate containers/other items that collect water 47
Keep the house and surrounding areas clean and orderly 40
Use a mosquito net 29
Clean/wash washbasins/barrels/containers with bleach 28
Clean/wash washbasins/barrels/containers (with no mention of bleach) 26
Use Abate or the “new powder” (larvicide) 24
Practice general hygiene 22
Fumigate 18
Empty/throw out water that accumulates in containers 18
Dispose of garbage (throwing it away or burning it) 17
Cover water (storage) containers 17
Receive information/give and attend talks about Zika 11
Carry out campaigns in the community 11
Clean rain gutters, spouts, channels, or the roof of the house 10
Use the Untadita method with containers 10
Turn containers that accumulate water over/face down 9
Clean or purify the water 7
Make smoke to drive away mosquitoes 7
Change the water in containers 6
Eliminate water puddles 5
Use a condom 5
Have promoters inspect the home 4
Use fish in the washbasin 4
Fill tires with dirt 4
Use repellent on the skin 4
Recycle things that could become breeding places 3
Maintain (hot-cold) balance in the body 3
Go in for a prenatal visit 3
Use insecticide spray 3
Practice abstinence 2
Use contraceptives to prevent pregnancy during Zika 2
Receive vaccinations from the health promoters 1
Use clothing with long sleeves during pregnancy 1
Cover toilets 1
  1. a Ten participants from IDIs and 69 from Focus Groups