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Table 6 Logistic regressiona to predict seeking care for under-five fever in Guèndembou and Bolodou sub-districts, September–October 2017, Guinea

From: Do memories of the Ebola virus disease outbreak influence post-Ebola health seeking behaviour in Guéckédou district (epicentre) in Guinea? A cross-sectional study of children with febrile illness

       N = 398
Variable Coefficient
P value Odds ratio (95%CI)
Intercept 0·747 0·154
Residing in Guèndembou 0·555 0·240 5·375 0·020 1·743 1·090–2·787
Family/friends’ death due to EVD 0·750 0·430 3·044 0·081 2·117 0·912–4·914
  1. Variables input: Residing in Guèndembou, above median household property score, family/friends’ death due to EVD, current perceptions of quality of the public health facility: more medicines, health staff listening more to patients, and above median fear score
  2. a Backward stepwise model