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Table 1 Measures included in the Household Health Survey

From: The longitudinal NIHR ARC North West Coast Household Health Survey: exploring health inequalities in disadvantaged communities

Demographics Age, Gender, Relationship status, Education, Employment, Ethnicity, Religion, Sexuality, Postcode
Physical health Medication, Chronic illness, Multimorbidity, Self-care ability, Ability to perform usual activities, Pain, Hospital and GP visits, other health care utilisation, Physical measures
Lifestyle Smoking, alcohol consumption, Exercise, Physical effort at work
Mental health Well-being (sWEMWEBS), Depression, Anxiety (GAD-7), Auditory hallucinations (LSHS4), Empathy (EQ), Paranoia, Dark Triad, Rumination, Hope/Hopelessness, Locus of control, Threat anticipation, Self-esteem
Psychological Self-control, Social Capital, Altruism, Supporting friends and family
Housing Housing status, Condensation, Heating, Maintenance
Social issues Observed drunkenness, observed rubbish, observed vandalism, observed racially motivated attacks, observed teenage loitering, observed troublesome neighbours, collective action
Environment Use of public areas, Internet usage
Work and finance Position, size of workplace, salary, hours of work, financial struggle, debt problems
  1. Legend. EQ – Empathy Quotient scale; GAD-7 – General Anxiety Disorder scale; LSHS4 – Launay-Slade Hallucination Scale; sWEMWEBS – Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale;