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Table 5 Intraclass correlation coefficient for Skills (checklist) inter-rater agreement (n = 50)

From: The Back-care Behavior Assessment Questionnaire (BABAQ) for schoolchildren: development and psychometric evaluation

  ICC (%)
Sitting at a table
 checkQ1. Straight, not slouched 0.95
 checkQ2. Feet on the floor 0.88
 checkQ3. No twisting 0.94
Pick up the crate
 checkQ4. Wide base of support 0.92
 checkQ5. Load close 0.85
 checkQ6. Bend knees 0.75
 checkQ7. Back straight 0.88
 checkQ8. No twisting 0.89
Carry the crate
 checkQ9. Back straight (not swayed) 0.93
 checkQ10. Load close/elbows bent 0.89
Set the crate down on the table
 checkQ11. Bend knees 0.74
 checkQ12. Load close 0.84
Pick up a pencil
 checkQ13. Wide base of support 0.85
 checkQ14. Bend knees 0.73
 checkQ15. Back straight 0.81
Move the crate
 checkQ16. Back straight 0.90
 checkQ17. Load close & in front 0.88
 checkQ18. Step/pivot not twist 0.74
 checkQ19. Load correctly (order) 0.95
 checkQ20. Handling the bag (bend knees) 0.89
 checkQ21. Handling the bag (wide base) 0.84
 checkQ22. Handling the bag (back straight) 0/90
 checkQ23. Carrying the bag 2 straps 0.78