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Table 2 Local evidence on immunization coverage and timeliness of immunization in Ethiopia

From: What we know and don’t know about the immunization program of Ethiopia: a scoping review of the literature

S.N Author Design Sample Topic Study area Major findings Conclusions
1 Kidane T (2000) Cross sectional 220 Factors influencing child immunization coverage in a rural District of Ethiopia Tselemti district, Tigray Ethiopia • 51% full coverage
• BCG to measles defaulter 23.9%
High dropout rate
2 Beyene E (2006) Cross-sectional 740 Factors associated with immunization coverage Zone 3 of Afar Regional State • Full immunization coverage was 20.6% Low immunization coverage
3 Hussien M (2010) Cross sectional 168 Assessment of Child Immunization Coverage and Associated Factors in Oromia Regional State, Eastern Ethiopia Kombolcha district, Oromia • 24.2% not immunized,
• 52.9% partial and 22.9% fully
• PentaI 73.8% % Penta III 33.1%
Low coverage
High dropout rate
4 Belachew E (2011) Cross sectional 536 Factors associated with complete immunization coverage Ambo Woreda, Central Ethiopia • 36% fully vaccinated
• 23.7% unvaccinated
Low coverage
5 Waju B(2012) Cross sectional 655 children Childhood immunization coverage in Tehulederie district Tehulederie district • 83.1% of children were fully
• 14.7% partially vaccinated
Relatively high coverage
6 Ayal D (2013) Cross sectional 497 Assessment of fully vaccination coverage and associated
factors in Mecha district
district, North West Ethiopia
• 49.3% were fully immunized
• 1.6% c were not vaccinated
Coverage remains very low in the district
7 Amanuel D (2013) Cross sectional 981 Determinants of Full Child Immunization; Evidence from Ethiopia SNNP • 81.6% children were not fully vaccinated Low coverage
8 Abdi N (2014) Cross sectional 582 Assessment of Child Immunization Coverage and Associated Factors in Oromia Regional State, Eastern Ethiopia Jigjiga District, Somali Regional State, Ethiopia • 74.6% were ever vaccinated
• 36.6% were fully vaccinated
Coverage was found to be low
9 Mastewal W(2014) Cross sectional 724 Factors for Low Routine Immunization Performance Dessie Town, Ethiopia Dessie Town, Amhara, Ethiopia • Full coverage 65.2%
• 17.9% never get vaccine
Low coverage
10 Worku A (2014) Cross sectional 630 Expanded program of immunization coverage and associated factors Arba Minch town and Zuria District • 73.2% fully, 20.3% partially and 6.5% received no vaccine Better than the national immunization coverage
11 Melkamu B (2015) Cross-sectional 751 Level of immunization coverage
and associated factors among children
Lay Armachiho District • 76% were fully immunized High coverage
12 Tenaw G (2016) Cross-sectional 288 Vaccination Coverage and Associated Factors Debre Markos Town, Ethiopia • 91.7% of children were completely vaccinated High coverage
13 Yemesrach A(2016) Cross-sectional 484 Predictors and Barriers to Full Vaccination among Children in Ethiopia Worabe, SNNP, Ethiopia • 61% were fully vaccinated Relatively high coverage
14 Asrat M (2017) Cross sectional 322 Assessment of Child Immunization Coverage and
Associated Factors
Mizan Aman Town, • 49.4% were partially immunized and 42.2% were fully immunized Coverage was low
15 USAID(2015) Cross-sectional 1597 Extended Program on Immunization (EPI) coverage in selected Ethiopian zones Seven Zones, Ethiopia • Penta III of 79% and fully 69%
• Timely vaccination of 60%
Child vaccination coverage significantly varied among zones