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Table 1 PMT assessment tool and factor analysis for migrant workers

From: The association between protection motivation and hepatitis b vaccination intention among migrant workers in Tianjin, China: a cross-sectional study

Factors and items Loading Variance Cronbach’s alpha
F1-Severity factor
 HBV is incurable. 0.56 4.16 0.88
 It is expensive to cure HBV. 0.66
 The symptom of HBV is unbearable. 0.83
 HBV would bring huge mental stress for the family. 0.84
 HBV patients and HBV carrier would suffer from social discrimination. 0.70
F2-Self efficacy factor
 I would like to take HBV vaccine if people around me mostly choose to. 0.83 2.82 0.87
 I would like to take HBV vaccine if it is organized by the workplace. 0.85
 I would like to take HBV vaccine if the family and friends recommend that. 0.78
 I would like to take HBV vaccine if the doctor advice that. 0.63
F3-Response efficacy factor
 HBV vaccine is developed enough for common use. 0.73 1.85 0.84
 Taking vaccine is an effective way to prevent HBV. 0.75
F4-Vulnerability factor
 As the migrant, the risk to get HBV infected is higher than other population. 0.61 1.24 0.81
 People around me getting HBV infected are more than before. 0.63
F5-Response costs factor
 It is inconvenient for me to take HBV vaccine. 0.56 1.14 0.61
 I do not have enough information to take HBV vaccine. 0.48
 The side effect is serious when taking HBV vaccine. 0.65
Cumulative(%) 87.13