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Table 1 Topic guide for evaluation focus group discussions

From: MANTRA: development and localization of a mobile educational health game targeting low literacy players in low and middle income countries

1. Did you experience the symptoms or signs in the game?
2. Did you experience any symptoms or signs that were not in the game?
3. What new things (if any) did you learn from playing the game?
a. About maternal and newborn health
b. About natural hazards
4. What do you think of the mobile phone game?
a. What did you like about the game?
b. What did you not like?
c. What things did you find easy to understand?
i. About maternal and newborn health
ii. About natural hazards
d. What did you find difficult to understand or confusing?
5. If this game were available on a mobile phone for you to play, how do you think you would use the mobile phone game?
6. Did you feel motivated to keep playing? Why?
7. How do you feel it would change your behaviour
a. With respect to maternal and newborn health
b. With respect to natural hazards
8. How do you think that playing the mobile phone game would affect your decision making when faced with a problem
a. Concerning maternal or newborn health
b. Concerning a natural hazard
9. Do you feel empowered by playing this game?
10. What would you tell others about this game?
11. Would it be more suitable for a particular group? For example?
a. Probe about age group / wealth group / educational statue / gender group / occupation
12. How else could this mobile game be applied in your community?
13. What health issues worried you about
a. pregnancy and childbirth?
b. Your newborn baby?
14. When would you seek medical help?
a. During pregnancy
b. For your newborn baby??
c. If no
 i. What health issues worry you about a future:
  1. pregnancy and childbirth?
  2. newborn baby?
 ii. When would you seek medical help?
 1. During pregnancy?
 2. For your newborn baby?
15. Where do you get health information?
16. If FCHV: Do you communicate with other FCHVs through phones? How?
17. Do you use your phones in emergencies?
a. How?
b. Medical emergency?
c. Natural hazard event?