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Table 1 Outline of the interview and thematic queries

From: Unvaccinated children as community parasites in National Qualitative Study from Turkey

Topic Thematic Queries
Necessity of vaccine What do you think about the necessity for vaccination of children in terms of individual and public health?
Causes of vaccine hesitancy What are your opinions on the main reasons for the hesitation/refusal of vaccine applications within the national childhood vaccination schedule?
General characteristics of families who report vaccine hesitancy What can you say about the general characteristics of families with vaccine hesitancy/refusal and the barriers to case management?
Freedom of choice Should the family have a choice to vaccinate? How can you evaluate this in the context of child and public health? Why?
The National Health System Are there national health system-related problems in childhood vaccination? If so, what are these? How can these problems be solved?
Suggestions about how to solve the problem How can family physicians and family health workers prevent cases of vaccine rejection?
What can be done to resolve vaccine rejection cases in your area?