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Table 3 Association between poor work-life balance and poor self-reported health among working men and women in Europe

From: Work-life balance and self-reported health among working adults in Europe: a gender and welfare state regime comparative analysis

  Men Women Total
Variable aOR(95%CI) aOR(95%CI) aOR(95%CI)
Good Work-Life Balance (ref)
 Work-Life Conflict 1.97 (1.78–2.18)*** 2.21 (1.99–2.45)*** 2.07 (1.93–2.23)***
  1. Significance level:***p < 0.001
  2. CI: 95% confidence interval
  3. aOR- Adjusted odds ratio
  4. Odds ratios are adjusted for socio-economic positions, working characteristics, and demographic characteristics