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Table 6 Standardized factor loadings from confirmatory factor analysis for the LGBT Minority Stress Measure

From: Validation of depressive symptoms, social support, and minority stress scales among gay, bisexual, and other men who have with men (GBMSM) in Nigeria, Africa: a mixed methods approach

Item 5 Factor
Community Connectedness (α = 0.86) Internalized Stigma (α = 0.80) Rejection Anticipation (α = 0.72) Identity Concealment (α = 0.86) Victimization Events (α = 0.92)
1. I feel connected to other LGBT people 0.697     
2. I feel like I am a member of the LGBT communitya 0.673     
3. I feel that I could find information, books, flyers on LGBT issuesa 0.849     
4. I feel that I could find friendly services for LGBT issues if I needed toa 0.801     
5. I feel like there is a safe space where LGBT social activities can take placea 0.664     
6. If I could change from being LGBT to be straight, I woulda   0.841    
7. I wish I wasn’t LGBT   0.904    
8. I am jealous of people who are not LGBTa   0.554    
9. When I meet someone new, I worry that they secretly do not like me because I am LGBT    0.645   
10. I prepare myself to be treated disrespectfully because I am LGBTa    0.550   
11. I expect that others will not accept me because I am LGBT    0.764   
12. I worry about what will happen if people find out I am LGBT    0.593   
13. I avoid telling people about certain things in my life that might make them think I am LGBTa     0.865  
14. I avoid talking about my love life because I do not want others to know I am LGBTa     0.888  
15. I do not bring a date to social gathering/ parties because I do not want others to know I am LGBTa     0.693  
16. I limit what I share on social media, or who can see it, because I do not want others to know I am LGBT     0.591  
17. I have been called names or insulted because I am LGBTa      0.864
18. Others have threatened to harm me because I am LGBT      0.905
19. I have been bullied by others because I am LGBT      0.898
  1. amodified from original question