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Table 1 Sample characteristics

From: Initiation and maintenance of lifestyle changes among participants in a healthy life centre: a qualitative study

Age (in years)
 Completed secondary school8
 Completed bachelor’s degree or higher6
Diagnosis (self-reported)
 (fibromyalgia, ileostomy, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, chronic kidney impairment, vocal cord impairment, narcolepsy, depression, ADHD, and/or dystonia)
Work status
 100% capacity6
 Reduced capacity4
 Sick leave2
BMIa category (value)
 Normal weight (18.5–25)2
 Overweight (25–30)1
 Obese (>  30)11
Symptoms of mental distressb
  1. a BMI category [30] was measured by Inbody 720 (Inbody 720, Body Composition Analyzer, Biospace Co. Ltd.)
  2. b Measured by the Hopkins Symptom Checklist [31]