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Table 1 Description of Key informants and associations that participated in the qualitative assessment on barriers to access to health and social services for people who Inject Drugs in the cities of Maputo and Nampula/Nacala, Mozambique, 2013

From: Access to and use of health and social services among people who inject drugs in two urban areas of Mozambique, 2014: qualitative results from a formative assessment

Youth AssociationHealth Facility
Hospital-based out-patient support groupOut-patient psychiatric services
Community AssociationOut-patient psychiatric services
Association for social rehabilitationPeer Educator
NGO for Health CommunicationsAssociation for social rehabilitation
Association for Family AidCurrent drug dealer
Government agency for drug control and preventionOut-patient psychiatric services
Psychiatric HospitalHospital
Rehabilitation CenterCurrent PWID
Out-patient psychiatric servicesAssociation for social rehabilitation
Former PWID 
Current PWID