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Table 2 Summary Statistics for Prescription Drug Abuse Regression Variables (County-Level Public Data)

From: Recognition and stigma of prescription drug abuse disorder: personal and community determinants

VariablesMin.Max.MeanStd. Dev.
Association Rate0.1654.7411.0910.543
Percent fair or poor health73616.3124.486
Percent access to exercise010079.19822.972
Percent uninsured33516.8245.739
Percent frequent physical distress72011.3332.149
Percent frequent mental distress71711.1791.683
Percent lack of sleep234533.8763.660
Percent physically inactive94123.7625.755
2nd Quartile010.2630.441
3rd Quartile010.1710.377
4th Quartile010.1190.324
Percent excessive drinking92617.6432.969
Percent alcohol driving deaths010030.45011.033
Violent crime rate01190368.210230.012
Percent child poverty45122.6318.228
Legalized Marijuana State Law010.6610.474