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Table 1 Summary statistics for prescription drug abuse regression variables

From: Recognition and stigma of prescription drug abuse disorder: personal and community determinants

VariablesMin.Max.MeanStd. Dev.2017 American Community Survey Estimatesa
Own Prescription Drug Abuse: Yes010.1380.345
Family/Friend Prescription Drug Abuse010.3380.473
ID: Prescription Drug Abuse010.6780.468
Age 18–34010.3230.4680.243c
Age 55+010.3190.4660.276
Income <$25 K010.2000.4000.214
Income $25-50 K010.2470.4320.225
Income $75-100 K010.1710.3770.123
Income $100 K+010.1900.3930.262
Education: some college010.3070.4620.208
Education: college degree010.2730.4460.274d
Education: college above bachelors010.1660.3730.118
Name: Michelle010.5020.500
  1. aSource: American Fact Finder. American Community Survey (ACS) 2017
  2. bWhite race alone. Proportion white race and other races in ACS is 0.757
  3. cCensus reports 15–19 age bracket. Two-fifths of that age bracket were added to the 20 to 34 age brackets to estimate the ACS 18–34 proportion
  4. dCombined bachelors and associates degrees