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Table 4 Use of e-cigarettes as a cessation aid according to e-liquid used. NDIT Study 2017–20

From: Type of e-liquid vaped, poly-nicotine use and nicotine dependence symptoms in young adult e-cigarette users: a descriptive study

E-liquid usednUsed e-cigarettes as a cessation aid
EverIn past yearPerceived that e-cigarettes helped
One e-liquid8540.025.914.1
 With nicotine3577.154.328.6
 Without nicotine837.525.025.0
 For cannabis429.52.40.0
Two e-liquids4047.532.522.5
 With and without nicotine1963.247.426.3
 With nicotine and for cannabis862.537.537.5
 Without nicotine and for cannabis1315.47.77.7
Three e-liquids1361.538.515.4
  1. a11 participants who had never smoked cigarettes (verified with past surveys) were excluded from this table