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Table 3 Use of other nicotine-containing substances a and ND according to e-liquid. NDIT Study 2017–20

From: Type of e-liquid vaped, poly-nicotine use and nicotine dependence symptoms in young adult e-cigarette users: a descriptive study

E-liquidnUsed ≥1 other nicotine-containing substancea in past year
No. other nicotine-containing substances in past yeara mean (sd)Used conventional cigarettes in past year
Perceived nicotine dependence
Withdrawal symptomsb
Total14982.61.6 (1.0)72.560.857.858.1
One e-liquid9575.81.3 (1.0)64.254.352.756.6
 With nicotine only3591.41.5 (0.9)88.679.482.474.3
 Without nicotine only1376.91.2 (1.0)53.830.825.025.0
 For cannabis only4763.81.3 (1.1)48.942.638.347.5
Two e-liquids4195.11.9 (0.8)87.868.365.960.0
 With and without nicotine19100.01.9 (0.7)94.784.278.984.2
 With nicotine and for cannabis8100.02.0 (0.9)100.087.587.562.5
 Without nicotine and for cannabis1485.71.7 (1.0)71.435.735.723.1
Three e-liquids1392.32.2 (0.9)84.684.669.261.5
  1. aIncludes conventional cigarettes, other tobacco products (cigarillos, cigars, pipes, bidis, chewing tobacco, snuff, waterpipe) and cannabis mixed with tobacco
  2. b11 participants who had never smoked cigarettes (verified in data collection cycles 1–22) were excluded