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Table 4 Summary results of implemented and hypothetical menthol and flavor bans on sales and individual behavior

From: The actual and anticipated effects of a menthol cigarette ban: a scoping review

  Implemented Menthol Ban (Actual Effects) Hypothetical Menthol Ban (Intended Effects) Implemented Flavor Ban – Cigarettes Only Implemented Flavor Ban – All Tobacco Products
Sales change (banned product) ~ 100% reduction NA NA 39% reduction in flavored cigar sales
Sales change (all tobacco products) 11% reduction NA 47% increase in cigar sales; 1400% increase in clove cigar sales 27% reduction in all cigar sales
Quit Attempt 29–63% 24–64% NA NA
Successful Quit 24% NA NA NA
Switch to other tobacco product 28.2–76.1% 11–46% 14% 0–11%
Switch and attempt to quit NA 20–25% NA NA
Switch to e-cigarettes 29.1% 12–30% NA NA
Find product regardless of ban NA 9–25% NA NA
Reduced Odds of Trying Any Tobacco Product NA NA 6% NA
Reduced Odds of Trying Cigars NA NA NA 5%