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Table 4 The effect of maternal HIV-infection on birth weight and perinatal mortality

From: Assessing the effects of maternal HIV infection on pregnancy outcomes using cross-sectional data in Malawi

 Child Health Outcomes 2010Child Health Outcomes 2015-16
 Birth WeightPerinatal MortalityBirth WeightPerinatal Mortality
 Mean.Diff(95% CI)OR(95% CI)Mean.Diff(95% CI)OR(95% CI)
Unadjusted-97.2(-160.4, -34)1.8(1.2, 2.8)52.6 (41.6, 125.5)1.4(0.8, 2.6)
Adjusted weights-25.3(-95.5, -7.4)1.5(1.1, 3.1)116.3(27.8, 204.7)1.0(0.4, 1.6)
  1. Variables age, residence, region, wealth, marital status, ever terminated a pregnancy, anaemia and body mass index were included in the propensity score model