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Table 4 Self-Reported 14 or More Unhealthy Physical Health Days in the Previous 30 Days

From: Disparities in health related quality of life among Illinoisans diagnosed with depressive disorder: findings from the 2017 BRFSS

CharacteristicAOR95% CI
 White only, Non-HispanicReference
 Black only, Non-Hispanic1.2300.5872.578
 Other race only, Non-Hispanic1.8030.4776.808
 Multiracial, Non-Hispanic2.0280.34811.809
Education Level
 Did not graduate High School0.4640.1841.172
 Graduated High School1.3770.7692.465
 Attended College or Technical School0.7950.4711.340
 Graduated from College or Technical SchoolReference
Marital status
 Not Married/Partnered0.587*0.3700.933
Employment Status
Health Insurance status
Income ($)
 Less than $25,0000.227*0.1060.490
 $25,000 to less than $35,0000.433*0.2410.780
 $35,000 to less than $50,0000.392*0.2010.765
 $50,000 or moreReference
  1. Notes: * A P value of <.05 is considered significant