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Table 3 Most important use by level of work

From: Evaluation of the UK Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework (PHSKF): implications for international competency frameworks

Use of the PHSKFAnswerBy total sample (%) (n = 149)By level (%)
Specialist (n = 37)Non-registered specialist or advanced practitioner (n = 38)Practitioner (n = 31)Manager (n = 31)
Type of useIndependent45.032.442.167.733.3
As part of team activity19.58.126.312.924.4
As group leader20.845.918.46.524.4
PurposePersonal professional development42.227.039.561.330.3
Team development12.
For workforce development24.537.826.322.630.3
Specific tasksTo identify CPD opportunities16.310.821.113.39.1
Assessment against criteria16.32.713.230.03.0
To plan/develop curriculum9.510.813.300
To write job descriptions9.529.
Setting of standards8.
To carry out a team skills audit7.510.87.93.315.2
In appraisal review7.55.45.316.73.0
n 14937383131