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Table 2 Distribution of Dose Delivered in the Intervention Group (n = 304). The intended dose of the intensive phase was 12 weekly sessions, completed either by a face-to-face session or an alternative session (e.g., phone call). The intended dose of the maintenance phase was 9 monthly phone calls. Dose delivered is presented as the mean (standard deviation) number of sessions each parent-child pair received. Participants in the control group (n = 306) received zero dose and their data is not included in this table

From: Evaluating dose delivered of a behavioral intervention for childhood obesity prevention: a secondary analysis

 Dose IntendedMean Dose DeliveredApproximate Contact Hoursa
Intensive Face-to-Face Sessions12 Weekly Sessions7.2 (3.7)10.7 (5.5)
Intensive Alternative Sessions3.8 (3.0)1.6 (1.3)
Total Intensive Sessions10.9 (2.5)18.1 (5.6)
Total Maintenance Phone Calls9 Monthly Phone Calls7.7 (2.4)5.8 (1.8)
  1. a Approximate contact hours calculated based on the following assumptions: intensive face-to-face sessions were 1.5 h, intensive alternative sessions were 0.42 h (25 min), and maintenance phone calls were 0.75 h. Approximate contact hours for total intensive sessions is based on the preceding assumptions as applied to the particular combination of face-to-face and alternative sessions completed by each individual participant pair