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Table 2 Role of international factors on AMR management in IRAN

From: Control of antimicrobial resistance in Iran: the role of international factors

Enabling factors in the AMR containmentFacilitating policy making process▪ International Advocacy for the AMR agenda setting
▪ Cooperation in the establishment of national AMR surveillance system
▪ WHO Support for AMR monitoring programs
▪ The role of the Codex Alimentarius Committee (CAC) in developing a platform for promoting cross-sectoral cooperation and improving national standards
Knowledge transfer▪ Holding workshops and meetings
▪ Easing students’ dispatch for continuing their education
Predisposing factors for AMRNeighboring Countries related issues▪ AMR transmission risk
▪ Medicines and livestock trafficking
Sanctions and the supply of AMR medical products and technologies▪ Inflation of medical supplies
▪ Difficulty of payments to the foreign sellers and inward shipping
Sanctions and stewardship▪ Corruption and lack of transparency
▪ Increased cost of food-producing animals and the effect on antimicrobials overuse Expediency; preference for the access over quality
Sanctions and financing▪ Budget reduction for AMR policies
▪ More attention to the curative medicine
Sanctions and research and knowledge sharing▪ Quantity and quality of research on AMR
▪ Researchers’ communication with global scientific community