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Table 1 Participants’ information (p1 - p24)

From: Control of antimicrobial resistance in Iran: the role of international factors

Health Deputy of MOHME5Policymakers at national level [1,2,3,4], middle-level managers [5]
Deputy of Curative Affairs3Policymakers at national level [6,7,8]
Food and Drug Organization3Middle-level organizational agents [9,10,11]
Health Reference Laboratory (HRL)2High-level managers [12, 13]
Supreme Council for Health and Food Security1Middle-level agents of the Ministry of Health [14]
Iran Veterinary Organization4Policymakers at national level [15,16,17,18]
AMR-interested researchers3Academics associated with research [19,20,21]
National Professional Associations (Iranian Society of Infection Disease and Tropical Medicine (ISIDTM), Iranian Mycological Society, Iranian Society of Microbiology)3Managers [22,23,24]