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Table 3 Individual and Overall Kaiser’s Measure of Sampling Adequacy. Initial results with 15 variables and final selection with 13 variables included in the exploratory factor analysis

From: Defining adequate contact for transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in an African urban environment

VariableKaiser’s Measure of Sampling Adequacy 15 itemsKaiser’s Measure of Sampling Adequacy 13 items
Contact happen indoors or outdoors0.500.61
Nature of ventilation at usual place of meeting0.470.63
Case shared TB diagnosis with contact0.500.69
Contact have cough0.550.69
Frequency of shared meals since onset cough0.560.72
Frequency and duration of contact over the past month0.820.73
Care was provided by the contact in the past 3 months0.540.73
Place of usual meeting. Home TB case versus other location.0.800.75
Case trusts contact0.660.75
Length of knowing contact0.710.77
Frequency of sleeping in same room and bed since onset cough0.550.79
How well does the case knows contact0.550.80
Means of transportation used most often with contact. None (walking) versus a type of transportation.0.800.81
Frequency of meeting since onset cough0.37NE1
Number of other people met in addition to contact0.12NE
  1. 1Not estimated as it was not included in the exploratory factor analysis