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Table 2 Involvement of personal and professional relations stratified according to age groups

From: Involvement of personal and professional relations among men bothered by lower urinary tract symptoms: a population-based cross-sectional study

 Study sample<  40 years40–59 years60–79 years>  80 years
Professional relationsa
 General practitioner1478(30.3)78(13.7)371(21.8)926(38.9)103(44.0)
 Another doctor1089(22.3)58(10.2)268(15.7)688(28.9)75(32.1)
 Physiotherapist/chiropractor45(0.9)6(1.1)18(1.1)19(0.8)<  5 
 Home carer/nurse43(0.9)<  5 8(0.5)23(1.0)10(4.3)
 Pharmacy staff31(0.6)6(1.1)11(0.6)11(0.5)<  5 
 Alternative therapist60(1.2)15(2.6)21(1.2)22(0.9)<  5 
Personal relationsa
 Children482(9.9)<  5 113(6.6)307(12.9)59(25.2)
 Parents171(3.5)74(13.0)84(4.9)12(0.5)<  5 
 Colleague/classmate233(4.8)28(4.9)115(6.8)88(3.7)<  5 
 Neighbour110(2.3)<  5 36(2.1)68(2.9)<  5 
No relation
  1. The results are based on men with at least one bothersome LUTS
  2. aResponses are individually based. The percentage do not total to 100 because an individual might have involved several professional and personal relations regarding the same symptom. The relations involved can vary between symptoms experienced. A relation was regarded as involved if it was involved for at least one of the symptoms experienced
  3. b None is defined as selecting ‘None’ for all the symptom categories experienced
  4. cNone indicates that neither personal nor professional relations were involved for any symptoms experienced