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Table 2 The Raphael Social Incubator: Participants, projects and their outcome

From: Development of a novel social incubator for health promoting initiatives in a disadvantaged region

PartnerProjectInnovative aspectsOutcomesRoll Out Beyond the Local OrganisationExternal funding received to extend the projectDeemed as a Social Incubator Success
Social incubator success (rating 1)
 Local HMOs with Hatzor Social Welfare ServicesShared Mental Health CareCreating an inter-agency shared care model across medical and social services for socially disadvantaged patients with mental illnessBalint groups established. 240 individuals received care through the project with reduction in health services use and medicationsThree additional clinics established in southern and northern peripheries. Working with 3 of Israel’s 4 HMOsPrestigious research grant from the Israeli National Institute of Health Policy ResearchYes - sustained and extended nationally
 Al-Manal, an NGO supporting Arab women, with Dugrinet, an NGO providing media training for charitiesEmpowering disabled Arab women as agents for healthDrawing on the potential strengths of isolated physically disabled Arab women to advocate for enhanced health services required by the disabledWell-established team of 10 disabled Arab women. Audiovisual materials produced and meetings held with health service managers and in the community. Enhanced social circumstances for participants and self-esteem enhanced.Another national NGO for physically disabled Arabs adopted parts of the program.Grant from USA embassy MEPI program
Funding from the NGO Healing across the Divides
Yes - sustained and extended locally
 Beterem- Safe Kids Israel (NGO promoting child safety)Community Champions for Child SafetyCreating a team of volunteers in disadvantaged Arab and Jewish communities to ‘champion’ child safety on postnatal wards and in kindergartensSafety lectures to new mothers directly after birth delivered weekly at Nazareth hospital. Volunteers also visit local schools to give session on safety to students and staff.Extended to another neighbouring Arab townsFunding from the NGO Healing across the Divides, and from Generation to GenerationYes - sustained and extended locally
Successfully ‘hatched’ with influence ongoing in some form (rating 2–3)
 Enosh, an NGO for individuals coping with mental illnessLifestyle program for individuals coping with mental illnessHiking as a regular and core activity to engender lifestyle change in the face of severe mental illness20 active participants on hikes. Healthy changes also engendered in club environment: healthier foods, more physical activity. Medical students are now involved.The initiative influenced the adoption of healthy lifestyle in Enosh branches nationallyLocal lifestyle program is now supported by National Enosh and private donorsContinued within Enosh locally
 Safed Municipality- social welfare servicesClowning by the elderly for the elderlyCreating a team of elderly clowns and bringing medical clowning to the community settingA dedicated team of clowns trained, reporting increased meaning in their own lives. Visits made to local retirement homes and other community organisations are ongoing to an extent_Prize receivedOngoing influence in Safed social services
 Carmiel Municipality Employment OfficeFactory “health champions”Establishing a network of trained factory workers to be ‘health champions’ within their factoriesFour factories engaged. Changes in all four reported: eg healthier food options available in cafeterias; smoking policies and designated smoking areas outside factory instated.__Some ongoing influence in the factories
 Al-Taj Arab High School (NGO), ArrabehArab high school girls as agents for health changeTraining high school Arab girls to work inter-generationally to promote breast cancer awareness and mammography uptake44 students trained and reported positive conversations with women in their families.
Ongoing lectures within school but no direct work with families
__Some ongoing influence in the school
 Menachem Begin Amal High School in a low SES areaEnhancing self-esteem in high school studentsCombining the drama curriculum with school psychology support services and community service in order to promote self esteemProgram well received with drama and counseling workshops on-going beyond the pilot year. No measurable increase in self-esteem found.__Some ongoing influence in the school.
 Child Development Center- Ziv HospitalAutism: Play ProjectCulturally adapting a USA evidenced based program for Arab and Jewish families22 families enrolled. Therapists gained skills. Marked improvement in play skills and parent-child communication in 8 families completing the course. Approach still used in Center but no home visits__Some ongoing influence in the Child Development Center
Successfully hatched but not sustained (Rating 4)
 ENOSH, an NGO for individuals coping with mental illness“Phototherapy” in mental illnessIncreasing community awareness of mental illness and encouraging self-expression of individuals coping with severe mental illness through teaching photography in the framework of an NGO7 members completed the photography course and exhibited their work to the public in Safed City Arts Center.__Successful implementation but not sustained
 ENOSH Safed, NGO for individuals with mental illness.Using Jewish sources to engage ultraorthodox men coping with mental illnessEngaging ultraorthodox Jews to cope with their severe mental illness in a culturally specific way, in a community where mental illness is often hidden13 Haredi men with mental illness attended a 12 week course with positive benefits.__Successful implementation but not sustained
 Upper Galilee Regional CouncilEco-friendly KibbutzDeveloping eco-friendly strategies in garden and play areas on Kibbutzim through raising awareness in the communities’ gardenersSixteen gardeners from 5 kibbutzim trained and a strategy implemented for working with the community and farmers to reduce environmental health risks__Successful implementation but not sustained
Never ‘hatched’ (Rating 5)
 Safed Municipality Social Welfare ServicesSupport group for isolated young Arab mothersConnecting young mothers from a remote Arab neighbourhood to facilities and activities in the Jewish townCoordinator appointed but mothers could not be recruited  Failure