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Table 3 Themes and sub-themes for framework analysis

From: The influence of corruption and governance in the delivery of frontline health care services in the public sector: a scoping review of current and future prospects in low and middle-income countries of south and south-east Asia

Themes Sub-themes Example of codes used
Corruption • Different forms of corruption
• Corruption practices
• Conditions that incentivize corruption
• Impact of corruption and organizations that promote corruption
• Bribery, informal payment, absenteeism, medicine irregularities
• Administrative practice, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic practice, service delivery related practice
• Medical education, career prospect, informal payment
• Use of resources, access & utilization of services,
Governance • Transparency and accountability
• Citizen participation
• Anti-corruption initiatives
• Laws and regulations of anti-corruption
• Community ownership, patient welfare society, hospital management committee, policies to combat corruption