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Table 1 Literature review protocol

From: The influence of corruption and governance in the delivery of frontline health care services in the public sector: a scoping review of current and future prospects in low and middle-income countries of south and south-east Asia

Objectives To understand current scenario and policy perspective in selected countries of the south and south-east Asia region to address irregularities and informal practices in the public sector frontline (PHC) health care facilities
To identify different types of irregularities and informal practices perpetrated by the frontline health care service provider in countries of south and south-east Asia
To explore different innovative approaches practiced in this region to address irregularities and informal practices.
Research Questions What are the different types of irregular and informal practices perpetrated by the frontline health care service providers in the public sector?
What motivates them to engage in corrupt practices?
What are the conditions that incentivize corrupt behavior among them?
Which anti-corruption initiatives promote transparency and accountability among public sector health care providers?
How does the legal and regulatory framework promote or constrain corrupt practices by these providers?
Search Strategy Inclusion Criteria Peer-reviewed, full-text articles, all methods, all design, written in English
Policy data involved with health sector corruption and governance from central to community
Grey materials (published and/or unpublished)
Exclusion criteria Corruption related literature not with a reference or focus on health sector
Time frame January 2007 to August 2017
Selected south and south-east Asian LMICs Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines
Data source Electronic database PubMed, SCOPUS and Google Scholar
Grey literature National Bangla & English newspaper articles; Health related blog in English and Bangla; Books/ Monograph/ dissertation/ conference paper/conference proceedings
Organizational website The World Bank, Anti-corruption Resource Centre, Transparency International Bangladesh, Center for Global Development, CHR Michelson Institute, WHO, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW), Director General of Health Services (DGHS), Director General of Family Planning (DGFP),
Journal’s website PLoS ONE, BioMed Central, Lancet, Health Policy and Planning etc.