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Table 4 Impact of VET schools’ health promotion capacity, scored by school managers, on student dropout rates (n = 58 schools)

From: Dropout at Danish vocational schools: does the school’s health promotion capacity play a role? A survey- and register-based prospective study

 Model 1 (crude)Model 2 (adjusted b)
β estimate a95% CIp-valueβ estimate a95% CIp-value
Health promotion capacity domain
 Knowledge development1.39−0.37;−1.01;2.910.34
 School-based leadership1.11−1.06;3.280.310.76−1.43;2.950.49
 Teaching staff−1.23− 3.70;1.250.330.03−2.21;2.260.98
Total health promotion capacity0.00−2.17;4.150.530.30−2.95;3.550.85
  1. a Estimates derived from student dropout rates as dependent variable, giving the percentage change in student dropout rate per one increase in health promotion capacity on a 5-point Likert scale (from “very low degree” to “very high degree”)
  2. b Adjusted for geographical location, school size, school type, VET-level, students’ age and students’ ethnicity