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Table 1 Domains and content of a questionnaire measuring health promotion capacity

From: Dropout at Danish vocational schools: does the school’s health promotion capacity play a role? A survey- and register-based prospective study

Health promotion capacity domainNo. of items included in final modelKey ContentExample of wording of item
Knowledge development3• Systematic use of evidence-based knowledgeThe school’s work on health promotion is based on a systematic use of knowledge
• Collaboration takes place across the organization
• Network of engaged employees is established
Communication3• External communication on health promotion effortsThe school management has made efforts to create awareness on the school’s work on health promoting to the surrounding world
• Daily focus on health promotion
• Increased focus on health promotion after the VET reform
Resources5• Not enough time to work with health promotionThe school’s employees have enough time to work with health promotion
• Enough staff has time allocated
• Enough finances are allocated
• Health promotion is not prioritized
• The school has an overview over possible external stakeholders
School-based leadership5• Support from managementThe management support the employees’ work on health promotion
• Clear goals and directions
• Management believes health promotion is important for student motivation and learning
• Assigned leaders advocate for health promotion
• Health promotion activities are initiated by leaders
Teaching staff2• Employees are involvedEmployees are involved in development of or decisions on health promotion activities
• Employees have influence
Students2• Students are involvedStudents are involved in development of or decisions on health promotion activities
• Students have opportunities to improve own health during school