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Table 3 Responses to post-completion feedback survey (n = 20)

From: The ripple effect: a digital intervention to reduce suicide stigma among farming men

Survey item Percentage of feedback survey respondents
First time I have shared my experience publically 60
Importance of anonymous contribution 85
Participation elements
 Set one or more personal goals 85
 Completed one or more digital postcards 80
Improved understanding
 Suicide stigma and how this may be overcome 67
 Risk and protective factors and tipping points for suicide 63
 Complexity of contributing factors 74
 Benefits of safe conversations about suicide 74
Increased skills
 How to support own and others’ wellbeing 80
 More likely to have a conversation about experience 65
 More likely to engage with formal services 74
 More likely to engage with informal services 68
Helpful elements of intervention
 Digital stories 95
 Written information 95
 Digital postcards 84
 Geographically personalised list of resources 74
 Navigational features of intervention 89
Valued peer-based design of intervention
 Importance of shared understanding of farming life/work 90
 Importance of shared understanding of suicide experience 95