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Table 2 Change over time for TARGET group in mean total Literacy of Suicide Scale (LOSS) scorea

From: The ripple effect: a digital intervention to reduce suicide stigma among farming men

FASb T1 T2 Difference (T2-T1) P-value
LOSS 9.68 (0.16) 9.80 (0.21) 0.12 0.571
PPSc T1 T2 Difference (T2-T1) P-value
LOSS 9.82 (0.22) 10.07 (0.22) 0.25 0.254
  1. aMean number of items correct out of 12 items in total. Based upon those who completed the intervention and responded to the LOSS at T1 and T2 (n = 67)
  2. bFull Analysis Set
  3. cPer Protocol Set