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Table 4 Response distribution of practice on DM complications related questions among Type 2 adult DM patients at Addis Zemen District Hospital, Gondar, Ethiopia, April, 2019

From: Attitude, practice and its associated factors towards Diabetes complications among type 2 diabetic patients at Addis Zemen District hospital, Northwest Ethiopia

Forget to take medicine/ insulin
Careless at times about taking medicine
Stop taking medicine when feel better
Stop taking medicine when feel worse
Physical work or exercise in the last week
 Once a week4310.7
 2–3 times per week9924.6
 Almost daily5313.2
Duration of physical work or exercise
 < 10 Minutes/day5714.2
 10-20 Minutes/day7418.4
 20-30 Minutes/day369.0
 > 30 Minutes/day4912.2
Diet modification according to the recommendations of physician
Monitoring blood glucose
 Self- monitoring6816.9
 Local pharmacy123.0
Barriers for self-blood glucose monitoring
 Too expensive12831.8
 Too painful61.5
 Don’t know how to test7719.2
Frequency of blood glucose monitoring
Every 2 month16541.0
Every 3 month8621.4
checking feet
 Once a week61.5
Drinking alcohol
 2–3 times weekly5012.4
 Nearly every day297.2
Cigarette smoking
Wearing footwear during exercise as recommended by health professionals
Type of water used to wash feet
 Cold water35488.1
 Warm water but not hot4811.9
care during cutting toe nails
Periodic kidney examination
Regular checkup of eye by eye specialist
Practice level
 Good practice19648.8
 Poor practice20651.2
  1. Abbreviations: DM = Diabetic mellitus *Incontinence, lack of motivation, frustration