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Table 2 Frequency distribution of participant’s response on attitude related questions on DM complications among Type 2 adult DM patients at Addis Zemen District Hospital, Gondar, Ethiopia, April, 2019(N = 402)

From: Attitude, practice and its associated factors towards Diabetes complications among type 2 diabetic patients at Addis Zemen District hospital, Northwest Ethiopia

I can lead a normal life if I take appropriate measures for diabetes
 Neither nor disagree7010
Regular exercise prevents further complication
 Neither nor disagree5613.9
Glycemic control has no role in preventing complications
 Neither nor disagree12
Diabetic spoils my social life
 Neither nor disagree358.7
I could prevent diabetic complications
 Neither nor disagree6415.9
Dietary modification is important to prevent diabetic complication
 Neither nor disagree41
Weight reduction is important to prevent diabetic complication
 Neither nor disagree11227.9
I don’t tell people as I have diabetics
 Neither nor disagree153.7
Diabetes is the worst thing that have ever happened to me
 Neither nor disagree153.7
Total attitude level
 Good attitude26265.2
 Poor attitude14034.8
  1. Abbreviations: DM = Diabetes Mellitus