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Table 4 Attitude of medical students regarding organ donation (n = 320)

From: Knowledge, attitude and willingness to donate organ among medical students of Jimma University, Jimma Ethiopia: cross-sectional study

S. NoAttitude statementsSubjects who replied yes(%)
1Would you like to donate your organs?216 (67.5)
2Do you feel comfortable to think or talk about organ donation?256 (80)
3Would you like to motivate others to donate organs?251 (78.4)
4Do you support your family members if they wish to become an organ donor?237 (74.1)
5Do you think awareness about organ donation should be made a part of school education294 (91.9)
6It is important for a person’s body to have all of its parts when buried77 (24.1)
7Would you like to donate your organ to anybody?177 (55.3)
8Do you think donating an organ can cause any harmful effects / complication to you?186 (58.1)
9Do you believe that there is a danger that donated organs could be misused, abused or misappropriated?274 (85.6)