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Table 2 Knowledge of medical students regarding organ donation (n = 320)

From: Knowledge, attitude and willingness to donate organ among medical students of Jimma University, Jimma Ethiopia: cross-sectional study

S. noQuestionNo of students answered correctly (%)
1Have you ever heard about Organ Donation? (Yes/No)310 (96.9)
2The term ‘Organ Donation’ means?237 (74.1)a
3Do you know the meaning of brain death? (Yes/No)282 (88.1)
4Which organs can be donated?206 (64.4)b
5Is there age limit for donating organs? (Yes/No)80 (25)
6All religions support organ donation (True/False)274 (85.6)
  1. aMedical students who had chosen the correct definition of ‘Organ Donation’; bMedical students who had correctly identified all the given organs that can be donated