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Table 2 Socio-demographic and behavioural attributes of NDSHS respondents in 2016 and support for the implementation of a tobacco retailer licensing system

From: Levels of support for the licensing of tobacco retailers in Australia: findings from the National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2004-2016

 Supporters (N = 13431)%Othersa (N = 6712)%P valueb
Jurisdiction of residence
 NSW356467.9168432.1< 0.001
Age (years)
 14–1740566.120833.9< 0.001
 50 years and over704268.5323831.5 
 Female747968.9338231.1< 0.001
SEIFA Quintile
 1 (Most disadvantaged)238063.2138836.80.085
 5 (Least disadvantaged)293770.6122429.4 
 Major Cities904668.1424531.90.017
 Inner regional255366.2130533.8 
 Outer regional/Remote/Very remote183261.2116238.8 
Smoking status
 Daily smoker80732.5167367.5< 0.001
 Current occasional smoker21440.531459.5 
Alcohol consumption
 Daily drinker82057.959742.1< 0.001
 Less than weekly477467.8226732.2 
 Ex-drinker (> 12 months)126369.755030.3 
 Never-drinker (full glass)160478.444121.6 
  1. Note: Numbers are unweighted. SEIFA: Socio-Economic Index for Areas. a Includes Oppose, Strongly Oppose and Neither Support nor Oppose. Excludes those who answered “Don’t know enough to say” (n = 2157). b Derived from Pearson’s chi-square tests for categorical variables