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Table 1 Tobacco retailer licensing system by State and Territory in Australia

From: Levels of support for the licensing of tobacco retailers in Australia: findings from the National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2004-2016

State/TerritoryLicensing system typeAnnual cost of licence ($A)Implementation year
South Australia (SA)Positive$A297.00 (2019) [24]1998 [25]
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)PositiveRetail: $A540.00 (2017–18) [26]
Wholesale: $A360.00 (2016) [17]
2000 [27]
Tasmania (TAS)PositiveTobacco products only: $A1161.54a (2019)
Tobacco products and personal vaporiser productsa: $A1161.54 (2019)
Personal vaporiser productsa only: $A583.20 (2019) [28]
2000 [29]
Northern Territory (NT)Positive$A242.00 (2019–20) [30]2003 [31]
Western Australia (WA)PositiveRetail: $A286.00
Indirect: $A289.00
Wholesale: $A715.00 (2019) [32]
2007 [33]
New South Wales (NSW)NegativeNo fee2009 [34]
Queensland (QLD)No licensing systemNot applicableNot applicable [17]
Victoria (VIC)No licensing systemNot applicableNot applicable [35]
  1. aPersonal vaporiser products include electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes). Note: Currency is in Australian Dollars ($A)