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Table 3 Eating habits

From: Adolescents’ perception of dietary behaviour in a public school in Chile: a focus groups study

 Majority groupIntermediate groupMinority group
BreakfastEats breakfast daily, at home or at home and school (double breakfast).
Frequently eaten foods include: bread with butter, ham, cheese or jam; milk, tea or yogurt with cereal.
Eats breakfast at school.
Eats: bread with butter, egg, jam; milk or yogurt with cereal.
Does not eat breakfast.
Reports not being hungry in the morning.
LunchEats lunch daily in school. If still hungry after school, eat again at home.Eats at school.Eats lunch brought from home or they eat at home.
Tea time/ dinnerTea time is the main meal with a high bread consumption.No differences with the other two profilesTea time and dinner are a single meal.