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Table 1 Summary of formative phase results and corresponding adaptations to content, interface and planned implementation strategy

From: Adapting the myPlan safety app to respond to intimate partner violence for women in low and middle income country settings: app tailoring and randomized controlled trial protocol

Qualitative Finding/Rationale Intervention Adaptation FGD KID Intervention adaptation leadership field team
App Content
 Leaving relationship safely not considered feasible in this setting Emphasis on harm reduction strategies for “staying safely” in relationship X    
 Strong local preference and pressure to endure violence X    
 Cultural norms and relationship dynamics with in-laws and natal families Development of temporary leaving strategies to natal family home and in-law home X   X  
 Permanent separation from partner not considered feasible in this context X   X  
 Preference for short-term options that do not compromise family status in the community X    
 Parental stress over children exposed to violence Addition of age-specific child safety strategies, and sexual/reproductive health safety strategies X    
 Distinct cultural and tribal norms around child custody X X X  
 Concern for risks and harms incurred during pregnancy X    
 Pressure specific to childbearing and care for children X   X  
 Fear of community stigma around violence Modification of ‘priorities’, ‘healthy relationships’, and ‘harmful beliefs about abuse’ section of the app to reflect those in this context X    
 Pressure specific to childbearing and care for children X   X  
 Common beliefs and myths regarding healthy and unhealthy relationships in this context X X X  
 Participant challenges interpreting the danger assessment (homicide risk assessment) Danger assessment result presented to participants as a binary (increased danger vs. variable danger) for simplicity     X
App Interface
 Time needed to review and complete each app component app negatively impacted feasibility and engagement Components of app re-organized and shortened where possible    X X
 Preference to use sliding scale for ordering personal priorities Rank system removed and replaced with sliding scale for ordering personal priorities     X
 Wide range of literacy including low literacy Inclusion of graphics and short animations    X X
App Implementation
 Women’s familiarity with apps is limited though growing Community health volunteers (CHVs) trained to facilitate app implementation   X X X
 Women may lack confidential space to use the phone without arousing suspicion X    
 Phone-sharing is common X    
 Quality of phones and ability to support apps is limited in some areas, though expanding   X X