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Table 3 The proportion of correctly answering on 17 dietary knowledge questions

From: Association between diet-related knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and self-rated health in Chinese adult residents: a population-based study

(n = 12,814)
(n = 5061)
(n = 7753)
Q1Choosing a diet with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables is good for one’s health.971575.8403679.7567973.270.52< 0.001
Q2aEating a lot of sugar is good for one’s health.932572.8395378.1537269.3120.16< 0.001
Q3Eating a variety of foods is good for one’s health.964775.3398978.8565873.056.13< 0.001
Q4aChoosing a diet high in fat is good for one’s health.923972.1393377.7530668.4130.92< 0.001
Q5Choosing a diet with a lot of staple foods (rice and rice products, wheat and wheat products) is not good for one’s health.528341.2215642.6312740.36.500.011
Q6aConsuming a lot of animal products daily (fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat) is good for one’s health.796562.2331065.4465560.037.41< 0.001
Q7Reducing the amount of fatty meat and animal fat in the diet is good for one’s health.889469.4368272.8521267.244.05< 0.001
Q8Consuming milk and dairy products is good for one’s health.10,49981.9424183.8625880.719.63< 0.001
Q9Consuming beans and bean products is good for one’s health.10,65883.2421383.2644583.10.030.865
Q10Physical activities are good for one’s health.991177.3400679.2590576.215.63< 0.001
Q11Sweaty sports or other intense physical activities are not good for one’s health.571744.6240047.4331742.826.66< 0.001
Q12aThe heavier one’s body is, the healthier he or she is.976776.2404279.9572573.861.29< 0.001
Q13Eating salty foods can cause hypertension.888869.4378474.8510465.8115.04< 0.001
Q14aRefined grains (rice and wheat flour) contain more vitamins and minerals than unrefined grains.359528.1134326.5225229.09.560.002
Q15aLard is healthier than vegetable oils.743258.0313161.9430155.551.33< 0.001
Q16aVegetables contain more starch than staple foods (rice or wheat flour).570044.5257951.0312140.3142.04< 0.001
Q17Eggs and milk are the important sources of high-quality protein.903670.5370473.2533268.828.69< 0.001
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