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Table 1 List and number of Communicable diseases (CDs) and non-communicable diseases (nCDs) occurred in foreign-born patients during the 2015–2017 period

From: Migrants and imported disease: Trends of admission in an Italian infectious disease ward during the migration crisis of 2015–2017

CDs (Communicable diseases)
 Acute respiratory illness (seasonal outbreak)J22 
 InfluenzaJ09-J1019 (14)
 STDFrom A50 to A6415 (8)
 Hepatitis BB1614 (7)
 Hepatitis AB158 (4)
 Severe infection due to Staphylococcus aureusA41.0, A49.011 (6)
 Acute diarrhoeaA0910 (5)
 FUOR507 (4)
 Other 17 (9)
NCDs (Non-communicable diseases)
  HypertensionI10-I1518 (9)
  Other cardiovascular disease 7 (4)
  Diabetes mellitusE10-E1413 (7)
Haematology And Oncology
  Haematological and lymphoid tissue neoplasmFrom C81 to C966 (3)
  Solid organFrom C0 to C753 (2)
Pulmonary Disease
  COPDJ44.95 (3)
  CKDN185 (3)
  AKIN172 (1)
  IBDFrom K50 to K524 (2)
  Other 2 (1)
  1. Abbreviations: STD sexually transmitted disease, FUO fever of unknown origin, COPD chronic-obstructive pulmonary disease, CKD chronic kidney disease, AKI acute kidney injury