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Table 3 Improved relationship following disclosure supporting quotes

From: Reaching hard-to-reach men through home-based couple HIV testing among pregnant women and their male partners in western Kenya: a qualitative study

“They [the teachings] helped us because I saw so many differences. Because if you have your husband and you don’t know your status, he would sometimes walk out and move around and after knowing our results we decided to maintain one partner each” (concordant negative female, participant couple 4).
“I did not see anything bad [in the visit], it was all good. First of all, I thought it would make us break up with my wife, but my wife also encouraged me, and encouraged the relationship because we have children so we should look at the life ahead, so there is nothing bad” (discordant positive male, participant couple 21).
“I found it easy and it also gave us an opportunity to be at peace with each other in our house, because I know her status and she also knows mine, what remained is us being together and remind each other, I was not jealous in any way, when she is supposed to take her medicine I remind her” (discordant negative male, participant couple 1).
“It [the visit] has brought a good one [difference] because we are now staying with peace because everyone knows each other’s status so we live well” (concordant positive female, participant couple 17).
“There was some peace because all of us had so they will not accuse somebody else that you are the one who has given him” (concordant positive male, participant couple 5).