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Table 2 Encouraged participants to overcome fear of HIV testing & disclosure supporting quotes

From: Reaching hard-to-reach men through home-based couple HIV testing among pregnant women and their male partners in western Kenya: a qualitative study

“It was difficult at first but after the doctor told us about the advantages of the test for a while I agreed, but I don’t usually like” (concordant negative male, participant couple 9).
“It was good [being involved] because there are some things you cannot just talk about but it will force you to talk about them like when I was asked about my status which I do not like to discuss it with people but I discussed it freely with researchers who came” (discordant positive male, participant couple 18).
“I was afraid for the first time but after the teaching I was courageous. [And after testing] I felt good because the results were negative and we were both there” (concordant negative female, participant couple 6).
“I found that first of all you bring awareness because you make people feel free, so what I first put in mind as a human being is that I will not live forever, and I know that diseases kill, but now if I can find something to sustain me in life that is good isn’t it?” (concordant positive male, participant couple 2).